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Step-by-Step When Disaster Strikes

Step-by-Step When Disaster Strikes


  1. Seconds Before
  2. Seconds In the Disaster
  3. Seconds of Action
  4. Minutes After
  5. Hours After

Many people will prepare for disasters, but they will seize up in crippling fear when the disaster is upon them.  Every disaster survivor’s story has a few common characteristics.  The person was prepared because of the signs leading up to the disaster, or they made the right decisions based on their situation when the tragedy occurred.  There is no guarantee of survival in any situation, but being adequately prepared, being mentally prepared, puts the odds of survival in your favor.

In this blog, we will take a high altitude view of common disasters and the choices you need to make in the seconds, minutes, and hours after a disaster.  Those decisions are going to have several factors you will need to weigh to ensure your instant safety.  By the end of this video, you will have a step-by-step approach that, over time, you can internalize to keep you moving through a disaster and prevent you from succumbing to it by seizing up or paralyzing in fear.

Seconds Before

Every disaster has clear signals that proceed its arrival.  A tsunami is preceded by the water receding far from shore.  A tornado is preceded by a sudden barometric pressure drop and storm activity.  Sometimes animals alert to the low-frequency waves before an earthquake.  Even terrorist and lone-wolf attacks are often preceded by chatter, social media postings, threats, or other warning signs.  When we look at historical events, we are often left wondering how our ancestors didn’t see this event or that tragedy coming.  Do you think the citizens of Pompeii didn’t suspect Mount Vesuvius might one day blow?

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