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When The U.S. Stock Market Crashes, Buy Gold – David Brady 

When The U.S. Stock Market Crashes, Buy Gold – David Brady 

While we wait for news on the 25% tariffs on $200bln or 40% of Chinese exports to the U.S.—and with the threat of the same on the remaining ~$300bln to follow—I want to outline the endgame for the dollar and the likely beginning of the explosive rally for Gold.

Simply put: When the U.S. stock market crashes, buy Gold.

To be more specific: when the S&P 500 has fallen 20-30%, buy Gold, in my opinion, because the ‘Fed Put’ will soon be exercised at that point. The Fed will reverse policy to stimulus on steroids. The dollar rallied from April 2008 and peaked in March 2009, when stocks bottomed out—the same time the Fed announced QE, or QE1 as we now know it. Then the dollar fell. It is not unreasonable to expect the same to happen this time around. Gold bottomed out in October 2008, as stocks plummeted and then soared 280% to greater than 1900 over the next three years, as QE1 and QE2 were underway.

The coming crash in the U.S. stock market is the catalyst for the Fed’s reversal in policy, so why do I expect a crash?

Quantitative Tightening and Budget Deficits

Lee Adler pointed out several weeks ago that as the budget deficit soars, Treasury bond issuance is increasing by around $100bln per month. At the same time, the Fed is increasing its balance sheet reduction, or “QT” program, to $50bln a month in October, a run-rate of $600bln per year. That means $150bln of additional demand for U.S. Treasuries is required every month.

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