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Olduvai III: Catacylsm
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WEIRD – Thinking Beyond Technology: Issue no.5, “Research for the End of Your ‘Normal’ Everyday Existence” Mabon 2021

WEIRD – Thinking Beyond Technology:

Issue no.5, “Research for the End of Your ‘Normal’ Everyday Existence”
Mabon 2021

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Note: Breaking with our usual ‘no linking’ convention,
this edition of WEIRD, each of the article headings contains a list of the academic studies referenced in it
for you to download & read.

☮ ‘Introduction’
Introducing the science for the end of your ‘normal’ everyday existence.
☮ History file: Bill Devall – ‘The Deep Ecology Movement’
Published in 1980, this tract was the first to outline the split between ‘eco-reformers’ & ‘deep ecologists’.

☮ “It’s the economy, stoooopid!”
Environmentalism uses tech. as a sticking plaster; research says it’s affluence.

☮ ‘Are humans a virus?’
In these times of disruptive pandemic, it might be interesting to figure how all other life on Earth looks at us.

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The Systems of Life – a MAHB Dialogue with Fritjof Capra, Systems Scientist and Author of The Tao of Physics

“Deep ecology does not see the world as a collection of isolated objects but rather as a network of phenomena that are fundamentally interconnected and interdependent. It recognizes the intrinsic value of all living beings and views humans—in the celebrated words attributed to Chief Seattle—as just one particular strand in the web of life.” – Fritjof Capra

Geoff Holland – Where life on Earth is concerned, are we at the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

Fritjof Capra – When we look at the long history of evolution, we realize that humans are latecomers to the Earth. If we compress the age of the Earth into the six days of the biblical creation story, we see that all visible forms of life evolve on the last day. The modern human species appears in Africa 11 seconds before midnight, and written human history begins around two-thirds of a second before midnight. Nature has sustained life for billions of years, and as latecomers, it behooves us to respect, honor, and cooperate with nature’s inherent ability to sustain life. Today, we have the knowledge, the technologies, and the financial means to do so. What we are lacking is political will and leadership.

GH – How do physics and meta-physics connect to become The Tao of Physics?

FC  During the first three decades of the twentieth century, a dramatic change of concepts and ideas occurred in quantum physics. The new concepts have brought about a profound change in our worldview; from the mechanistic worldview of Descartes and Newton to a holistic and ecological view…

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Olduvai IV: Courage
In progress...

Olduvai II: Exodus
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