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Matt Taibbi Uncensored: Finance Nothing More Than A ‘Street Scam’

Matt Taibbi Uncensored: Finance Nothing More Than A ‘Street Scam’

The opportunity to secure an exclusive interview with Matt Taibbi is something I thought I’d never get…but alas, here we are.

Taibbi is the head of Racket News and his reputation as a fearless investigative journalist precedes him. From his groundbreaking coverage of the 2008 financial crisis to his more recent explorations of censorship with the Twitter Files, politics, systemic inequality and the inner workings of Congress, Taibbi’s body of work reflects a deep commitment to uncovering truths and challenging conventional narratives.

To have the opportunity to pick his brain is a rare privilege that I’m happy to bring my readers.

First, I asked Matt about why more people on main street don’t know about how the Fed works. He told me: “They also do a tremendous job of keeping people like Nomi Prins or whoever else who might be trying to explain some of these issues, keeping them from the public. It was very frustrating after 2008 trying to get anyone at all to comment on, you know, what exactly QE was, you know, or give an explanation that would make sense to an ordinary person.”

He added: “You just, it’s almost like there’s been a proclamation that these issues are sort of out of bounds for the ordinary person, which is unfortunate because they have critical importance for every single person on the planet, which, I mean, as you know, it’s just very frustrating, that dichotomy.”

“And I think that’s true of a lot of sort of high finance stories. I was originally supposed to do just one story about the 2008 crash and what happened and to try to translate that for presumably a young college audience…

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