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More Evidence Screams “The Books Are Cooked!”

More Evidence Screams “The Books Are Cooked!”

You just can’t make stuff like this up … except the government does … over and over!

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On April 20th, I wrote about how CNBC had reported that something looked rather rigged about the government’s new jobless-claims data in this election year:

What a Wonderful World!·

APR 20
What a Wonderful World!

“Something strange” (REALLY STRANGE) “has been happening with jobless numbers lately” says the CNBC headline. You know it is strange anytime the mainstream media starts agreeing with my longtime criticism of government reports, even using my blunt language—that “the books look cooked.” In fact, the Bidenomics unemployment claims reports don’t just look

Indeed, it was strange at the level of just about statistically impossible:

CNBC just noted that five out of the last six jobless reports gave an identical reading of 212,000 new claims and quoted someone observing that the odds against that exact number happening over and over are astronomical.

As CNBC reported, none of the raw numbers for all of those reports were even close to matching each other, but somehow the government’s “seasonal adjustments” always brought the derived numbers to the same 212K. Imagine that! One would almost think, I commented, they were goal-seeking the headline numbers in order to hit the sweet spot for this election year so that the labor market would look neither too hot for inflation nor two cold for the economy. One would almost think.

Well, they did it again. So, think again. Only this time, having been called out with suspicion by one of their usual parrot-press operations that normally takes all government data as gospel truth, they must have decided they needed to tweak the outcome just a bit. So, today, they reported 208,000 new jobless claims.

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