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Great Campaign Against the Great Reset

Great Campaign Against the Great Reset

Historic Louisiana Senate Leadership (SB133); Jason Jones’ seminal book is now published.

Louisiana Says ‘No Way’ to the Great Reset’s Latest Power Grab, and the Next One That’s Coming

Guest Editorial by Jason Jones

In a first, the Louisiana Senate has passed a bill that would block international political organizations and the Federal government from imposing tyrannical policies upon the people. In our resistance struggle against the globalists and their “Great Reset,” Louisiana’s bold move is historic. It will either inspire or shame legislators in other states to do the same, in defense of their voters’ rights.

The Global Power Grab

Remember the COVID panic? How “saving lives” was used as a club to knock out and render useless key Constitutional protections, from freedom of religion and speech to freedom of assembly and our right to choose our own medical treatments? The globalists haven’t forgotten. That panic was meant to serve as a test run and a precedent for dismantling every barrier to the direct rule over Americans by unelected foreign bureaucrats. Just wait for the next “accidental,” purely “natural” pandemic to suddenly strike us, just before some crucial election.

We won’t be silenced again, the way Woke corporations working with the Biden regime strangled honest debate over COVID, the vaccine, and potential methods of treatment — giving WHO appointees the power to censor prominent epidemiologists and ordinary citizens on social media. No, now we’re speaking up, and fighting back, writing into law renewed protections against the next global power grab, whatever pretext its architects use.

The next pretext is already here, and doesn’t require bioengineering in China. It’s the Climate Cult. Elites in Europe and America are using the very same strategies and rhetoric that were test-driven during the COVID panic to argue that “climate change” is a “public health emergency” which equally trumps our basic rights and freedoms…

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