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Why Trump Is Desperate To Secure This Rare Metal

Why Trump Is Desperate To Secure This Rare Metal

While the United States is slowly working towards ending the lockdown and restarting the economy, the federal government is quietly fighting a second war with China over critical metals. 

One of those critical metals in particular is the extremely rare key to global technological dominance because it’s crucial to winning the 5G war–the national security battle of the century.    

The metal is cesium (Cs), the most active metal on Earth, and it’s so rare that it’s hard to even put a price on it. It’s also a vital ingredient in our ability to make 5G happen.

Despite this, America has none, and it dropped the ball a long time ago. At the 11th hour, the Trump administration is now bent on reversing the loss of cesium to China, spanning the globe for lower-risk venues with potential reserves.And that desperate search for cesium potentially makes one particular Canadian junior miner–Power Metals (TSXV:PWM,OTC:PWRMF)–a highly critical component.      

There are only three cesium mines in the world and Power Metals owns three of the five cesium occurrences in the province of Ontario.

In February this year, Power Metals started drilling for what is hoped to become the only potential cesium mine that China doesn’t already control. 

“There is a global shortage of this rare metal and we are very lucky to have found it at our 100% owned Case Lake Property with grades as high as 14.7 % Cs2O,” Power Metals Chairman Johnathan More said in a recent press release

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Unlike some other commodities, cesium is immune to the demand-decimating effects of the coronavirus pandemic because it is critical to everything from the 5G revolution, healthcare advances and defense to oil and gas drilling–and even time itself.  

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