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Before The Collapse: The New Book by Ugo Bardi

Before The Collapse: The New Book by Ugo Bardi

My new book on collapse is out, published by Springer. You can find it at the Springer site at this link (priced in Euro) and at this link (priced in dollars). You can find it also on most Web sites that sell books. 

Collapse is a popular subject nowadays, so I thought I could add some more confusion to the already ongoing mess by publishing this new book “Before the Collapse: A Guide to the Other Side of Growth.

If you follow the “Cassandra’s Legacy” blog, you know that collapse is a subject that I touch frequently and that two years ago I published a book titled “The Seneca Effect,” that made an explicit reference to the Roman philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca, whose work I took as the first mention in history of collapse as a normal feature of the universe. “The Seneca Effect” was not a difficult book to read but it was a technical book, dedicated to people interested in subjects such as system dynamics. It was also priced accordingly.

So, the second book was thought at the beginning as a simplified version of the first to be placed in the category of “trade books” destined to the general public (also at a lower price). But, eventually, as the text grew, it became a different book. It maintained some elements of the first, but it included new examples, new ideas, new subjects, and a new slant. It became a practical manual on how to deal with collapse, although it does not neglect some scientific elements of the story (and for this I have to thank my unicellular assistant, Amelia the Amoeba. You see her in the picture on the right, as she appears in the book. She is a nice girl except for her habit of eating human brains, but – hey! – nobody’s perfect!)

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