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Olduvai III: Catacylsm
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Power Trendlines

Power Trendlines

Market action is heavily dominated by algorithmic trading and programs. Nothing new about that and it’s a reality of the market environment. In December algos were blamed for the steep sell-off, nobody is blaming them during the massive bounce off of the December lows. Funny that.

Irony aside knowing where these algos live and where they change direction is a critical edge to decipher in today’s markets. One of the key tools we use to keep a tap on them are trend lines and in this brief video (recorded January 8) I highlight some of the fascinating ping pong action we’ve come to observe and respect in markets.

Note: News cycles and events may be triggers, but trend lines often give you a destination and potential key turning points of support and resistance. And finding these ahead of time can provide a significant edge.

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