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Olduvai III: Catacylsm
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Hedging the End of Fiat

Hedging the End of Fiat

It is slowly coming clear that the fiat dollar’s hegemony is drawing to a close. That’s what the BRICS summit in Johannesburg is all about — rats, if you like, deserting the dollar’s ship. With the dollar’s backing being no more than a precarious faith in it, it is bound to be sold down by foreign holders. Being only fiat, it could even become valueless, threatening to take down the other western alliance fiat currencies as well.

How do you protect your paper wealth from this outcome? Some swear by bitcoin and others by gold.

This article looks at what is likely to emerge as a replacement currency system, and concludes that from practical and legal aspects, bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency industry will fail with fiat, while mankind will return to gold, as it has always done in the past when state control over currency fails


It is gradually dawning on market participants that the era of fiat currencies is drawing to a close. Monetarists, who first warned us of the inflationary consequences of the expansion of money and credit were also the first to warn us that the slowdown in monetary expansion would lead to recession, and since then we have seen broad money statistics flatline, with bank lending beginning to contract. This is interpreted by macroeconomists as the end of inflation, and the return to lower interest rates to stave off recession.

Unfortunately, this black-and-white interpretation of either inflation or recession but never both has been challenged by bond yields around the world which are rising to new highs. And the charts tell us that they are likely to go considerably higher. Consequently, conviction that inflation of producer and consumer prices will prove to be a temporary phenomenon is infected with doubt.

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Russia, Ukraine Prove Gold Is Still the Best Safe Haven

Russia, Ukraine Prove Gold Is Still the Best Safe Haven

Image via Reuters/Ilya Naymushin

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: Gold remains the best safe haven despite volatility, how geopolitical tensions are further compromising the bond market, and renowned money manager weighs in on new all-time highs for gold and silver.

Gold’s volatile week and why it matters little in the metal’s trajectory

Last week has been a volatility showcase that is rarely seen in the gold market. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sent gold flying past its 2011 high and up to $1,976, the highest level in a year and a half. The very next day, gold posted considerable losses and ended Friday’s trading session around $1,890. This surge and immediate slump in prices frustrated and disappointed a lot of traders, but we should remember that, for most of us, buying gold is not a trade. It’s an investment.

Even so, there are many takeaways from these wild couple of days, and a few important reminders.

Until a few months ago, gold was rangebound between $1,750-$1,800. The difficulty of breaching the resistance was noted by many. Yet now, we are treating $1,890 as a kind of support. It reinforces the notion that gold is being pushed up by many factors, and that geopolitical tensions are just one of them (and a recent addition).

While gold can benefit from the kind of uncertainty we saw last week, it’s far from necessary. The so-called “geopolitical play” isn’t a necessary force for gold’s price to continue climbing. Wells Fargo highlighted that even central bank rate hikes probably won’t slow the metal’s move to $2,000 this year.

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Olduvai IV: Courage
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Olduvai II: Exodus
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