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Soil Testing: Why Is It So Vital For The Natural Environment?

Soil Testing: Why Is It So Vital For The Natural Environment?

Improving productivity is the core goal of each farmer, and good soils assist to gain it. Soil structure, composition, and fertility are key aspects to consider while choosing crops to sow, fertilisers to add, and water volumes to distribute.

Thus, testing becomes a crucial aspect of agricultural success. It boosts yields, prevents erosion, and saves both farmers’ and nature’s resources. Soil tests become a win-win solution as soil health is not only a healthy environment but also healthy mankind, following the famous quote “we are what we eat”, and perhaps, what we breathe.

These are major reasons why smart cultivation and soil testing are vital for the environment.

What Is Soil Testing?

Soil tests aim to determine fertility, type, acidity, salinity, water retention properties, to estimate depletion and erosion risks.

Soil testing is beneficial both to farmers and nature as it completes the following tasks:

  • Prevents soil depletion and erosion. Alongside contamination, soil erosion has been a major concern of ecologists and agrarians. It impacts the climate with droughts, winds, floods as well as shortens arable lands. Soil and fertiliser residues pollute waters.

This phenomenon is mostly irreversible and can be only slowed down rather than stopped. The primary sign for the process is soil degradation and depletion. Thus, noticing the tendencies and taking actions in time are key steps of the prevention strategy.

  • Enriches the soil. Equipped with reliable knowledge, farmers improve the critical areas and maintain sustainability.
  • Boosts yields. Plants demand nutrients to thrive, so to analyse which ones exactly they lack is critical. An experienced farmer can spot the problem with abnormal plant colourings, yet detailed testing provides more extended results.

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