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Climate Change Debunked: No Sign Of Warming In 900 Years

Climate Change Debunked: No Sign Of Warming In 900 Years

A new study finds no trace of modern-day global warming.

In a new study published in the journal Climate of the Past, a team of geophysicists at UMass Amherst have reconstructed the highest resolution temperature record for New England, stretching back 900 years to the Middle Ages. The temperature data set gives new insight into the climate in Northeastern U.S. – but what is conspicuously absent is any trace of manmade global warming.

A New Technique

…present day is the coldest period seen in New England in 900 years.

The study was conducted using a relatively new technique involving measuring the quantity of certain chemical compounds, called branched glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers (GDGTs), found in lakes and soil. They correlate well with temperature variation and can therefore be used as a form of thermometer.What is particularly advantageous about this method is that it allows for a more fine-grained resolution in time. The work, led by doctoral student Daniel Miller, resulted in a temperature measurement every seven years on average during the 900-year interval. This high resolution allowed them to discover a 50-to-60-year temperature cycle hitherto undetected in other studies.

Global Fingerprints

Although this study is only regional, covering a relatively small part of the U.S., one can still find the fingerprints of global climate events. Most notably, the Medieval Warm Period can be clearly seen. A millennium ago, the North Atlantic region was so warm that wine grapes grew in Scotland and Norwegian explorers were able to settle and farm in Greenland. In central Europe, the warm period caused a major economic boom and repopulation and it was during this time that the great cathedrals were built.

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BBC – Future – How to debunk falsehoods

BBC – Future – How to debunk falsehoods.

We all resist changing our beliefs about the world, but what happens when some of those beliefs are based on misinformation? Is there a right way to correct someone when they believe something that’s wrong?

Stephen Lewandowsky and John Cook set out to review the science on this topic, and even carried out a few experiments of their own. This effort led to their “Debunker’s Handbook“, which gives practical, evidence-based techniques for correcting misinformation about, say, climate change or evolution. Yet the findings apply to any situation where you find the facts are falling on deaf ears.

The first thing their review turned up is the importance of “backfire effects” – when telling people that they are wrong only strengthens their belief. In one experiment, for example, researchers gave people newspaper corrections that contradicted their views and politics, on topics ranging from tax reform to the existence of weapons of mass destruction. The corrections were not only ignored – they entrenched people’s pre-existing positions.

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