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How To Do Your Laundry Off Grid If The Power Goes Out

One thing most of us rely on is our washing machine and dryer. During emergencies where the power grid is affected, it is important to know how to know basic off-grid strategies to manage your everyday home duties. This was highlighted in the preparedness manual, The Prepper’s Blueprint as a must-know skill. So how do you do your laundry if there’s no power?

Four loads of laundry per week is normally what we do for our family of four people. We also do sheets every week and blankets once a month. So what would happen if the power goes out, especially in the winter.  It’s not like you could wash your clothes in the frozen lake, right? And if you can, more power to you, but most of us will need to have a plan in place if there’s a long-term (month-long or longer) power outage or grid failure. So why not look at what those who live off-grid already do?

Washtub & Wringer

A galvanized washtub and wringer are a great option for your off-grid laundry. This is the most practical way for preppers to do their laundry by hand off-grid in large quantities. Plain and simply, this is just an old-fashioned washer and wringer. For around $240 you can grab a galvanized tub that will include 2 sturdy galvanized laundry sinks with drain and double stand. Next, you’ll to affix to it a laundry wringer, such as the Calliger Hand Crank Clothes Wringer. It will run you around $140 but will be worth its weight and cost if the power goes out and you need it. Wringing wet laundry by hand can be quite tiring and hard on your hands and wrists…

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