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Charles Eisenstein: Crafting A New Narrative

Charles Eisenstein: Crafting A New Narrative

And your chance to be part of it

Much has been written here at PeakProsperity.com of late about the need for society to adopt a new narrative to live by. One deeply-ingrained with sustainability and stewardship — else our current fixation with consumption and exploitation of nature’s finite resources will meet a very predictable and unpleasant end.

So, for those that agree a new operating story is needed: Where do we start?

This week, author Charles Eisenstein joins Chris and Becca to discuss their upcoming participation in The New Story festival, a gathering specifically focused on sparking momentum behind this important movement. More details on the event, which takes place in Bethany CT on June 12-13th, can be found here.


Chris Martenson: Welcome to this Peak Prosperity Podcast. I am your host, Chris Martenson. And with me here today are Becca. Hello, Becca.

Becca Martenson: Hi, Chris.

Chris Martenson: And Charles Eisenstein. Hello, Charles.

Charles Eisenstein: Hi, Chris.

Chris Martenson: Now all three of us we are all going to be presenting at A New Story Festival that is coming up in Connecticut. It is on June 12th and 13th coming right up and I am really exciting to be doing that because the timing in this, boy is it ever good for me. There is a vibe in the air – an electric energy among people that I talk to to be doing things differently. People really want – they want a new story and they are ready for a new story. And myself, especially included in that.

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